David Munch, Ydelser


The law firm provides tax and corporate law assistance and assistance concerning agreements, including

  • Incentive schemes for individuals and low salary taxation 
    Equity and cash based schemes, guidelines for Danish listed companies and low salary taxation in connection with moving to Denmark
  • International tax matters
    Tax treaties, tax liability, qualification of foreign entities and taxation at source
  • Tax matters regarding Investment companies and financial instruments
    Matters related to the Act on Taxation of Gains on Shares and the Act on Taxation of Capital Gains
  • Tax and corporate matters regarding M & A and restructuring of companies
    Structures, tax relevant provisions in agreements, share exchanges, mergers and demergers
  • Tax and duties -  litigation
    The courts, the National Tax Tribunal and binding rulings, admission to the appellate courts (2002) and civil servant at the Tribunal (1994-1997)
  • Danish subsidiaries and branches of foreign groups
    Establishment in Denmark, shareholder- and management matters, including the holding of general meetings