David Munch, Advokat


2011 Independent attorney-at-law
2009 Partner with Eversheds Advokataktieselskab
2006 Attorney-at-law with Kromann Reumert 
1998 Attorney-at-law with Gorrissen Federspiel Kierkegaard

I have participated in 12 IFA-conferences in the period of 1998-2012 and I am a member of the Danish Bar Association, IBA, Denmark's Tax Attorneys and the Danish branch of IFA. I have inter alia assisted international banks, other foreign groups and a Danish OMXC20-company through app. 10 years with respect to incentive schemes, including regarding the establishment of incentive schemes in USA, submitted legal opinions in writing, including an expert opinion in 2002 for the purpose of a tax case in England, and co-operated with foreign attorneys in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA among others. I have also assisted smaller firms and private individuals.

The transfer from the larger offices to being indenpendent has given the liberty to prepare umcomplicated procedures and to be flexible. You will only have one contact person who manages and provides the legal work. The law firm is situated in the old town of Copenhagen.

Being independent I have been busy working wih inter alia matters concerning the entrance of new owners of a company (shareholder agreement and capital increase), a tax liability matter against an audit firm, matters concerning incentive schemes, tax opinions and litigation.